New car brands are growing out of the place! I have the feeling, that they’re made by hipsters — startupers — it-guys.
Automotive young guys behave aggressively – attract money, make the startups, build electric cars, make cars drive without a driver, but what is most important – they sell!

“Automotive mammoths” don’t work this way. Their standards are written “in blood”… They are people from the factories and sell stuff as it was described in the prospectus. The automotive giants perceive CRM as the system of dealers` reporting and transferring this reporting among the instances. And this is understandable, because for automakers dealers are the customers, whom they need to ship cars to. They can’t reach their real customers.
Few of them in 2017 use the CRM systems for at least 30%, and many of them don`t even have a single system yet.

Automotive youngsters, on the opposite, work directly with their clients. Sales happen directly on the website, the requests go directly to the factory. The numbers they collect are not simply for reporting, but to improve the company`s value proposition… Their advantage is not an electric car, but the knowledge of their client.

True, the automoitve giants, having the resources, can quickly copy the “hardware”, but it`s much harder for them to change the culture themselves. And here we see the advantage of new car brands. Maybe when the giants will succeed repeating technology of electric cars, the hearts and minds of customers will already be in the hands of today’s startups.

We like what our clients — large automotive companies — taught us! Corporate culture, documentation and order in paperwork, solutions, adjusted year by year.
But now, with greater and greater greed, we are “snatched up” by the automotive startups… with their digital world, wild ideas and exponential growth.